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Activities - Everyone can do what he wants

We do not have a scheduled schedule, but everyone has the opportunity to do what they want and we have space and equipment.
Why not take too much of your vacation activities, if you just want to be some day, that's the best activity we have.
There are sub-boards, boats, fishing gear, guided tours, skis, bicycles, snowshoes and whatever you are going to ask.
Sure, we have individual guided activity bands, especially for groups.
There is also a lot of activity in the nearby area!
You can go to the forest museum in Lusto, Johanna Oraş's art department, dine and experience the history of the rushes in Hotel Punkaharju, go to the neighboring villages to explore authentic life, enjoy Saimaa in your own beach, enjoy the art of Punkaharju Station, dining in different environments, shopping trips to nearby towns and villages
You can ask the host to ride to the nearby area, order a ship or boat directly to your dock and the possibilities are unlimited. Saimaa and the whole region offer experiences, experiences and activities that you can only hope for
In the near future, there will be a section where more paid activities are priced. The best thing about us is that most can do it independently for free :)
The most important things we have are purity, security, authenticity, individuality, communication and accountability.

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Forest trip
Handicraft Workshop


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