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FACTS - company information

We are a small company whose main goal is to produce unique and high quality services.
Tourism began in 1968 as a secondary activity of the farm by Arvo and Ilmi Heikkonen, who were my grandparents. The actual growth of tourism was experienced between 1984 and 2004, when my parents Arto and Raija moved the farm from the dairy farm to the main tourism sector. Even from the small age involved in the operation, and especially the young person, the most important task was customer service. My special passion for young people was getting the boatman and heating the sauna. Again, I try to meet all the customers, although the scale of work has increased considerably. Responsibility for the company moved to myself in 2004.
Over the years, the company has evolved all the time and new plans have been known for years. However, we strive to keep pace and keep the mood of a genuine family business where everyone works with the right attitude.
The company has networked with many different networks, Saimaa Charmant, Punkaharju Region Tourism, Finnish Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs, Lomarengas, Savonlinna Region Tourism, Visit Saimaa and others. Through each network we influence various tourism related issues and strive to make this wonderful lake area more popular.
Welcome to Tynkkylä Holiday Holiday! Best regards, Jukka Heikkonen

Tynkkylän Lomaniemen facts:
- Entrepreneur / owner: Jukka Heikkonen. Parents Raija and Arto Heikkonen are helping in the rush.
- Omarantai holiday homes 14 people, all with private beach and boat. Most of the two saunas. Everyone is unique, offering the right solutions to different preferences.
- Restaurant for family celebrations and other events, 120 seats and licensing rights.
- On the summer of June, the popular Savo-Karelian dining table is covered.
- The café opens daily during the summer and other times by appointment.
- Guest boat ship: 12 buoy places and 6 separate piers.
- Home Museum: Old objects used in work.
- Textile pattern: Textile work produced by Raija.
- Domestic animals: Sheep, rabbits, chickens, cats.
- Nature trail: Forest and nature related tasks.
- Solar power plant 51kW for power generation and wood is utilized in heat production
- Customized customer service.
- A working farm.
- About 100 hectares of forests, with extensive rights of everyman.
- Long-range low-key development in the future, no momentary pursuit of big profits.
- Tourism has been developed for 50 years
- Sleeps places 90.
- Plans for the expansion of 3000 square meters, which would add more than one hundred beds.

The less clouds, the better for us

Self-employed, Jukka

Building a pier

Sometimes the company's moving "office" in the kitchen :)

Betoni is the neighbor of the province

Even a small company needs surprisingly the services of other nearby businesses

Rebuilding and elevating the concrete slab, exploiting the ice and the low Saimaa surface

The neighboring tug businessman modifies the land
jArto moves stones at Lomaniemi's tractor

Bullets for collecting waste water in the birch.

Transfer of materials to the right places.

It's raining and we always go for the weather, regardless of the weather, to create a great holiday experience.

Making firewood for cottages, a local entrepreneur in the prime rope with a pilot.

Of course, the self-employed person is involved in spinning the excavators to the contractor,
Sometimes I can't all time answering the phone and emails :)

For 10 years, Toyota Hiace has reliably pumped Jukka and the more diversified it can carry.

Lifting the flag.

Forest is the financial support of this company.

Our Blue-White homeland!


Sometimes Jukka has time to sit with quests

You're already melting, but you still have to do the docks!
An entrepreneur at work and always comes up with tools to stay on the surface :)

Co-operation with this work is done alone, there is no chance!

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