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Pricelist - Tynkkylän Lomaniemi

Tynkkylän Lomaniemi Villas:
A 1000 eur B 800 eur 150 eur/day.
Etelärinne (Not in the winter)
Iltarusko (Not in the winter)
A 950 eur B 800 eur 140 eur/day.
Länsiranta (Not in the winter) A 850 eur B 600 eur 130 eur/day.
Auringonlasku (Ei talvella) A 930 eur B 730 eur 140 eur/day.
A 1150 eur B 800 eur 160 eur/day.
A 1300 eur B 1200 eur 190 eur/day.
Koivula (Not in the winter) A 750 eur B 500 eur 120 eur/day.

These prices are only available when you book directly from the owner via email or phone. Prices may be different when booked online or directly through Lomarengas.
Other services:
Smoke Sauna (pre-booking) 180 eur, Sauna occupied for about 4 hours, one at a time accommodates 15 saunas. If the sauna has not been ordered for the group but otherwise has enough money, then it costs € 18 per person
Sup-board 15 eur/hour
Outboard motor - 25 eur/day. 120 eur/week. Bensin is included the price(max 10 liter/week), motor: suzuki 2,5 hp.
- 4,1m alumiini vene+Suzuki 2,5: 30 eur/day. 200 eur/week. Bensin is included the price (max 10 liter/week)
- 4,1m vene+ 20hp moottori: 90 eur/day. 600 eur/week. Bensin is not included. 600 euro pledge will be taken from the renter, which will be returned if the boat is intact. For example, when rocks run or otherwise break, the pledge will be left to the hirer.
Liinavaatteet 14 eur/person/week
bicycle 3€/hour, 10€/day. 50€/week
Final cleaning 65-120 eur (it depend of cottage)

A-Price is valid:
14.06. - 23.08.
24.12. - 10.01.

B-Price is valid: Other times

Midsummer rental time is 8 days or 6 days. Thus, the price is more different, depending on what period of time you spend your vacation.

Daily prices are predictable only for the B price in the season.

Prices of holiday homes include VAT (10%) and are valid until further notice.
An additional charge of 20eur / rent is added to the prices of holiday homes
The prices are not binding, the owner is entitled to changes in prices.
Please confirm your booking and arrival at least two weeks before the start of your reservation otherwise the booking will not be valid.

Extra charge for people over the cabin (40 € / day)

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