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Solar Power - Energy from the sun

The development of Tynkkylä Lomaniemi took a new step in 2015, instead of creating new villas, we built the solar powerhouse behind the main building behind the field. In addition, there are two power plants on the roof of the three villas on the roof. On sunny days, the whole holiday village is self-sufficient with regard to electricity, and most importantly, electricity is the most environmentally friendly alternative.
The power plant on the pellet consists of four sets of bogies. There are a total of 88 panels. One panel is 1.6 square meters, with a total area of 140.8 square meters. One panel produces 250w and its output is 22,000W
In total, there are 199 panels in the peninsula and a total area of 318.4 square meters..
The instantaneous output of all panels is 51 000w.
The annual output is approximately 25,000 kWh.
You can follow the operation of the power plant here:
Lomaniemen aurinkovoimala
The power plant has supplied and designed the Lomaniemi Green Energy Finland oy
The construction of the power plant has been answered PK Kone-Sähkö
When your own electricity needs to go over, electricity is purchased by a local electric company Parikkalan Valo


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