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Iltarusko - Log cabin on a secluded plot

Iltarusko is a traditional log cabin. The open landscape opens to the North and West. The beach is close to the cottage and leads to crabs. There is a wood-heated sauna between the cottage and the beach, and there is no sauna just a few meters from the sauna. On the beach, a large fixed patio with table tops, a pontoon pier attached to the patio.
In the cottage you should note that there is only one main bedroom upstairs, two separate beds in the lobby. Downstairs, two extra beds. There is also a separate road to the cottage by the maintenance / connection road to Illanvirkku and Aamuntorkku.
56 km south of Savonlinna. Lake Saimaa 25 m, shallow water, firm gravel bottom. Own boat.
Log cabin 199, kitchen, living room with 1 extra bed (convertible sofa), washroom, sauna (electric sauna stove), open veranda. Upstairs: bedrooms with 2 beds, vestibul 2 beds, balcony (steep stairs to upstairs). Lakeside sauna.

- Electric lighting
- Electric heating
- Heat-storing fireplace
- Water pipe
- Shower
- Wood-heated sauna & Electric sauna
- Toilet
- Wc qty 2 Qty
- Electric hob and oven
- Refrigerator and freezer
- Microwave oven
- Dishwasher
- TV
- CD-player
- DVD player
- Internet connection
- Baby cot
- High chair
- Grill on the yard
- Single cottage
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You can also take connection to direct to owner: jukka.heikkonen@lomaniemi.fi or 0407326138
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