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Aurinkorinne 6081 - A villa on a sunny southern location

The sun roof is located on the southern slope. There is a slope on the beach, but there is a good jetty on the beach with a table. In addition, the slope protects well from the north wind and the beach is really warm on summer days. At the moor point, the lake deepens slightly but is quite rocky. In addition, there is another floating boat line, where the boat today is usually, so the gloomy beach is better used. However, we can not say that the beach would be suitable for small children. There are hundreds of meters to the nearest neighbors, and in the cottage yard you can spend a good time. The view from the bay is good and from time to time boats are flying boats to the guest boat at Tynkkylä to sleep, and there is also a sight line, especially from the beach. At the shore of the guest boat shore, also the general beach of the vacationer's customers on a good sandy beach. So it's quick to swipe or walk along the road. The main building services are also about 200 meters away. The interior is a traditional log cabin, for more comfort Air heat pump, internet, flat screen TV, good furniture and other fittings.
Special Features: A second bedroom in the sun deck, with a nice lake view during the foliage. In addition, the slope to the beach gives good views of the bay and creates a height difference. Quiet location. The sunny beach and lots of unique items such as the cliff dome that comes next to the cottage create a wonderful experience to the beach.
56 km south of Savonlinna. Lake Saimaa/Pihlajavesi 25 m, reasonably deep water, firm sanded bottom. Own boat.
Log cabin 1994, living room/kitchen with sofabed, bedrooms with double bed, bedroom with 2 beds, washroom, dressing room, sauna (elec. sauna stove), open veranda. Lakeside sauna 10 sqm (heated by wood).
Electric lighting, Electric heating, Heat-storing fireplace, Water pipe, Shower, Wood-heated sauna & Electric sauna Toilet, Wc qty 1 Qty
Electric hob and oven, Refrigerator and freezer, Microwave oven, Dishwasher, Washing machine, Drying cabinet, TV, CD-player, DVD player, Internet connection, Baby cot, High chair, Single cottage
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You can also take connection to direct to owner: jukka.heikkonen@lomaniemi.fi tai 0407326138
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